Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Minty Fresh!

I'm not one to normally knit large gauge sweaters. I don't like wearing all that bulk. However, I really liked the feel of Bernat's Haven. A combo of acrylic, alpaca and cotton yarn. It's light, soft with a pretty fabric.

However, the color palette is a little "pastelly". Matt actually assumed it was a children's yarn (but the handwashing sorta makes it a little high maintance for baby things... no matter how soft the yarn is).

So I thought I would give it a try. I was hoping the Sweet Grass would be green enough for me.
It's awfully minty. While I like the fabric and the feel is great. It's very pastel green.

So I'm wondering about overdying it. Now the odd fiber content is going to make for an interesting dye job, but I'm kind of hoping that if I use a blue, it will only dye one of the fibers (say the alpaca?) to get a nice mottled fabric? We'll see.

It is a nice and cheery, and maybe that is nice and minty refreshing this time of year! So I'll go ahead and finish it up, maybe make a little swatch to test dye it.

I did spend some time playing around with some other projects, but nothing really sparked my interest. I do need to find something with some texture to work on. Just need to find "the" project....

Keep on Knittin'!


  1. Rosie9:53 AM

    Oh! Like Matt, when I saw you knitting on it on Monday, I thought it was a Linus blanket. I'll be interested to see how the over dying works out.

  2. It almost looks blue on my monitor, so it's hard to comment on the color for you. I hope the overdyeing works out!

  3. I think the color is currrently pretty. I also think overdying may make a color that would make you happier.


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