Friday, February 23, 2007

Drive By Blogging...

I'm making this a quick one, as I'm out the door to meet Lauren to loan her a pair of knitting needles.

I'm still digging the Must Have Cardigan. I'm almost to the armhole shaping. I'm not in love with the "wrap" stitch, but I can live with it. If I do an other one (and yes Sonya... a cotton blend would be lovely, no?) I'll switch it to something else.

Speaking of Sonya, her Spring Forward is finished, and she ran into the same issue as I did with it. Her body came out way too large. While I redid the math for my pink one (and I love it!), I didn't do that with my "Fall Back" version that I'm doing in Cascade 220. Hmmm. I'm thinking that I might start over, and swatch and do the math.

It is by far one of my all time favorite sweaters, and I wear it a lot. The cotton/acrylic blend makes it easy care and I love the way it fits.... so I'm thinking it might be worth looking at the wool version again.

Well, I'll deal with it after the Must Have Cardigan... and the other 50 projects or so that I want to work on.

Keep on knittin'!

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