Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tis The Season!

I dropped off the blankets yesterday. Thanks to everyone that left comments about the quilt. I really enjoyed making it and I hope the child that receives it enjoys it too!

I'm a big fan of Project Linus. I've seen it in action (plus I have a "blankie" and completely understand the atatchment to something like that). It's a win win situation for me: I get to buy and make things that I love to do and they get something to help a child in need (either from illness or situation). I had meant to do more this year, hoping to get a blanket done a month. I even had set up a schedule for myself to work one day a week just on blankets. Sadly, I have the attention span of a gnat and didn't get much done. However, our SnB group is trying to organize bi monthly get togethers to work on charity knitting specifically. I'll probably cut back on the knitting/crocheting of blankets and concentrate more on the quilts (due to the speed factor), but there's plenty of charity knitting/crocheting to be done.

I have a much longer list of things I'm making this year for the holidays than usual. I had cut back on hand made gifts due to some very insensative unappreciated comments from family members (then one person did the same thing for a gift certificate, so I realized that some people just never think a gift is good enough, so why bother?). However, I have a few things I want to get done for some people that do appreciate them, including Matt.

Matt's gifts aren't usually surprises, mainly because his are usually a bit more labor intensive and I don't want to put a lot of work into something that he doesn't like (like the whole raglan sleeve thing). However, I'm doing a couple of small things for some other people (that I believe read my blog) so I can't talk about them or show pictures. So photos might be lighter than usual for a bit yet.

In knitting that I can talk about: The Landscape Shawl will be off the needles tomorrow. I might even finish it up today and start blocking it. This was actually a fun shawl to knit, even if those rows get pretty long by the end. It was easy to remember and I only worked on it in the morning while watching Sportscenter and drinking my coffee.

I'm not sure what I'm going to concentrate on today. Gift projects, that's certain, but not sure if I'll be doing the knitting or the sewing... (actually the sewing room could use a quick tidying up... a lot of finished projects that I haven't cleaned up after. The drawback of sewing compared to knitting: a lot more "stuff").

Still no sunshine yet, but I had a great time yesterday shopping and lunching with Betty. Partly cloudy means we might see some sun at some point, right? (tho' not today: it's forecast to be "cloudy").

So I'll turn on all my lights, put on some fun funky music and get to working on some gifts! (how did it get to be mid-November already????)

Happy Knitting!

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