Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pre Stitches

I don't really have much to update... the knitting right now is boring. I'm doing a simple self designed gansey for the Dulaan project and there's not much to see (I'm in the st. st. section)and it seems like too much work to go get the camera to take a picture. I'm basing the design on the Silver Creek Gansey.

Speaking of FO's, I'm now planning on my Stitches wardrobe. For the first time I'm actually staying for 3 days for Stitches. When it was held in Valley Forge, it was commutable so I just ran down every day. Since it's in Baltimore this year, a group of us will be leaving very early on Friday and coming back on Sunday (hopefully early enough that I can still make Kathy's chamber concert in Philly).

So that means I have to pack. Planning a wardrobe for Stitches is hard. The show floor can get stuffy (tho' we don't know how "tight" it will be at Baltimore... I know the Valley Forge set up was too tight. The isles were only 2 people wide and if there was any spillage from the booths, it was a nightmare to get by) so I don't want something too warm.

The Spring Forward Cardigan is a given. I like the way it fits, it's a cotton/acrylic blend so it's not real warm and a cardigan can be easily removed. So that leaves 2 other things to consider (plus a third as I like to over pack).

Hmmm... the Silver Creek Gansey probably (it's a recent finish and I do love the pattern). The Rose Leaf Pullover is a good possibilty too as it's not too warm. I would love to wear the Angora Cable Cardigan that I just finished, but it's going to be waaaaay too warm (which is why I wouldn't wear Inishmore either-plus there's some sizing issues with it now... it fit great 60 lbs ago, but is a bit too big for me now). I'm thinking that the Cropped Cardigan Redux is an option... the cardigan thing is always a plus in these situations, but the alpaca is a wee bit warm. The Delicate Summer Jacket might work, too. Just to prove to the knitting snobs that crochet can be beautiful (this is the sweater I get the most comments on by and far... and not just from knitters/crocheters. My grocercy store clerk loves that jacket).

So today and tomorrow will be for organizing, washing things that need to be washed and just generally getting ready for Stitches.

So vote today... dress me for Stitches!!!


  1. Here's my vote - the pink one - spring forward, the crochet jacket (I want that pattern) and anything else you mentioned. All your stuff is BEAUTIFUL and it looks great on you. Have fun at stitches.

  2. I have ot agree with Pat. Spring forward and the crochet jacket.
    I hope to see you there on Saturday.

  3. Cardigans all the way. Your work is amazing. After drooling over cropped cardigan redux, I googled to no avail. Do you remember where you purchased it? I went through ALL 213 Paton's patterns on Elann, which did not even come up when googled. :( Have fun at Stitches and tell us all about it!

  4. The 3 cardigans as mentioned above. As your extra option, what about the entrelac tuxedo vest? It was fun looking through your gallery and being refreshed about all your FOs.


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