Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cream Sampler Afghan Square #41

Yep that's right. I've now worked 41 afghan squares in cream colored yarn.
Just as an FYI: I will not be doing any more (well, maybe one more. I still have half a ball left from that skein of Encore).

While I love the way both of my Sampler Afghans turned out (The Taste of Aran Afghan and the Leisure Arts Sampler Afghan). I'm tired of cream. So any future squares (not considering the rest of the current ball of Encore) will be in a different color.

I also have to confess that I'm having HUGE gauge issues with the Taste of Aran Afghan. The first one I did was in Woolease. I expected that to be a bit too small. I ended up with 10" blocks (at the 5.5 sts to 1" gauge). I did the Encore block with size 8 needles (raising the gauge to 5 sts to 1") and I was able to block it up to 11". Still shy of the 12" block of the pattern. Janet used a 100% wool for her afghan and I think that makes a huge difference when it comes to blocking. I simply can not have a wool afghan. It's just not practical in my house. So I'll stick with the 11" squares and plan on a nice border (maybe stealing borrowing inspired by the border on the Great American Aran Afghan). But it's definitely something to take into consideration when making this afghan. The best part is, it doesn't matter what your gauge is. All the blocks are the same size (same number of stitches cast on and the same number of rows) so it's easy to change yarn gauge with out any impact on how the squares fit together.

So that's one less thing on my "obligation" knitting list. I'm still plugging away on Matt's Because I Love You sweater:

Ya, it's almost as interesting to knit as it is to look at.

I'm off to Morgantown this morning. I think I'll pick up a baby sweater kit for John...

In non knitting, more a rant thing... this time last year our road was completely torn up. They installed new water lines down our road and eventually repaved it (which it sorely needed). Yesterday they were out at the 4 way stop near our house with a jackhammer. Looks like the 4 way stop will be converted to a stop light (also needed... since most drivers are idiots and don't like to have to pay attention as to who's turn it is for a 4 way stop). However, our newly paved road is less than a year old... since it was repaved in the spring... and now they're already chewing it up. (the surveyors were there less than a month after it was repaved). Love it!

Off to shower, get dressed and drive up to Morgantown (hmmmm... and maybe swing by Shady Maple... they have these pumpkin spice cookies... ya. Let's just say they're good.)

Keep On Knittin!

Edit Added:
Matt suggested white for the next sampler afghan. Isn't he funny. Ha. Ha.


  1. I'll pay you back! ; )

  2. I have to laugh - I have in my yarn time-out closet (come on, doesn't everyone have one of these?) a HUGE bag of cream acrylic yarn accompanied by a very small bag of cream acrylic afghan squares. I need to find someone to donate it to. Life's too short to knit that much in a boring solid color. (Says the woman who's knitting an afghan out of sock yarn...)

  3. Your cream square is beautiful. but I can't imagine making that many squares out 1 color. Says the girl who can't get 1 knitted wash cloth done! LOL


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