Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aaaaahhhh, Fall!

We've moved into that great time of year that it's getting harder to get out of bed. It's cooled down quite a bit and man my bed was warm and cozy this morning. I could've stayed in for an other hour or so. However, Gena is just the opposite... she's up and ready to start her day bright and early and loves the cool brisk mornings.

So I feel a little groggy this morning. A little lazy. Very unmotivated.

So no pictures (do you really think I can get the camera/computer thing to work well 2 days in a rows. Me either so I don't want to bother).

I actually didn't get a lot of knitting done yesterday. I spent the morning shopping. I've decided that the clothes industry has a really really nasty sense of humor. Well, they did make me laugh out loud in the fitting room.

Here's what I learned:

At 5'2" I'm still shorter than a petite size.

Petite women are not allowed to have boobs. If the jacket fit me in the back, across the shoulders and was a good length, it wouldn't button over my bust line.

Women are not supposed to have small waists and large butts. If the pants fit me across my bottom, they gapped at the waist oh, say about 5".

Knit tops are the way to go (they'll stretch over da boobs).

I hate clothes shopping.

So at least I did find a few things to expand my wardrobe (3 knit tops... one of which I still need to shorten the sleeves on and a pair of knit cropped pants). I just would've rather bought yarn. At least my knitted sweaters fit me properly, are the right length and they're fun to make.

To compensate, I spent the rest of the day on Etsy looking for things with "sheep" on them. I'm trying to figure out how I can justify buying this.

I have a playdate scheduled with Julie today, so I'll be sewing, but not clothes. Maybe I'll get back to that later this week. (I'm thinking a black ultrasuade skirt would be real handy).

Happy Knitting (or sewing)

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  1. I want to be part of these playdates! In two weeks I'll have my MWF am's free!


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