Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Step Forward, Step Back

Sam the Ram is progressing nicely. I'm just about done with the body and I have one leg cuff done.
He's well on his way to being finished by the end of the Olympics. I can't say how much I've enjoyed knitting him. He's definitely a challenge, but so much fun!!! If you've been thinking of knitting him, I say go for it!!!

The Vine Lace socks are an other story. I tried the first sock on yesterday and they don't fit. I'm on gauge, but it's just too small. Now, I have a small foot... at least in length, but I do have a wide foot (I wear a size 5.5W shoe and that wide width is a must). I can barely get it on and even the heel flap seems to stretch weirdly over my heel. So I have two choices... re do the sock (again) on a larger needle or ignore them and work on something else. Right now I'm leaning towards the second option. I'm so ready to get back to Obsession Spring Forward. Or something new... (some new yarn purchased last week is just sitting here beckoning me...).

So I'm going to work on Sam today. Finish the body and get all the legs done, then I might treat myself to a non Olympic project. I should try to get the fronts done on my FLAK so I'm ready to go for the sleeves... hmmm.

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  1. Hello-- I'm back and Sam looks awesome. His new butt looks very nice!


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