Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm going to be lazy today so no new photos. Nothing really looks that different from yesterday anyway. Imagine a few more rows on the Spring Forward back, a few more rows on the Jaywalker sock, and oh, some intarsia blocks.

I sorta goofed on the Checkered Cardi back. Since I'm not a good "counter" my blocks are supposed to be 8 X 10 and I put in 9 X 10 on a couple. The back only has 3 repeats, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna worry about it or not.

I also remembered why I dislike doing intarsia. This one's not bad, since it's just blocks (no chart reading on both sides), but I'm going to have a lot of ends to weave in when I'm done. (and before someone leaves me a comment about doing the "as you go method, ala Philosopher's Wool, I don't like the way that looks, so I won't be doing that. I'll take the time to weave in the ends as I think it looks neater).

Amie asked in my comments about the book the Checkered Cardi was in (my apologies, I usually alway include that when I post about a pattern)
Could you tell me the name of the book that has the cute sweater pattern with the blocks?

(Okay, I know there was no reason to do a quote, I just like the way this template does the blockquote)

Anyway, for those that are also interested, the book is called Quick Knits To Wear and it's put out by House of White Birches. All the yarns featured in the book are by Brown Sheep. Some designs are better than others, but there's several I'm considering doing. The book is almost comical in the models. They can be a bit distracting/distrubing. However there are about 4 or 5 patterns that I like and that was worth it for me.

Today is grocery day (that's why it's raining here, btw) and I'm about halfway thru the last Myst game (well, there's 4 ages that I know of, and I'm thru 2.5 of them). I'm finding this Myst game to be a bit annoying. There's a lot of things that must be done within a certain time period and there's a lot of back tracking, especially while I'm trying to solve the puzzle. While I'm sorry that this is the last one they're doing (if you believe it... they've said that before $), I think the "cleverness" is gone. They've run short on how to make the puzzles unique and instead have just made them annoying.

Well, that's it for today! Off to the store then some knitting/game playing.


  1. Oh, those models. I haven't seen that particular book, but the contorted woman on the cover of the current VK almost gives me physical pain.

  2. Oh I think VK is the worse. The models and art direction are so bad that I would never consider the designs (not that you can even see them!) They should look at the Japanese knitting books. Classy art direction and the emphasis is on the knitting (now there's an idea for a knitting pattern!!)


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